Home Tech Among Us! falls all over the world; InnerSloth

Among Us! falls all over the world; InnerSloth

Among Us! falls all over the world; InnerSloth

The popular video game continues to be under pressure on its servers and cannot deliver the large number of simultaneous players. Solution on the go.

Among us! It fell around the world in the early morning of September 23. The popular video game, available on PC and iOS and Android mobile devices, has had issues on its servers in all regions, so it is currently unplayable. The title development studio, InnerSloth, has announced via the social network Twitter that they are working on fixing it.

“Among Us is down in all regions. We are working on getting it back online, ”they say, referring to the servers. We will update the news as soon as we are informed that this online infrastructure, essential for playing the multiplayer mode, is back to normal.

Among Us !, Record numbers and one of the surprises of video games in 2020

The Success of Among Us! has taken the industry by surprise, like the one in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, whose availability on PS Plus was the trigger for a success that still can’t be quantified. But there is someone who has overcome it. According to video game sales on Steam for the past week ending September 20, Among Us was the best-selling title on the Valve portal worldwide; above the battle royale of Mediatonic and Hades, another of the thrills of the independent scene this second half of the year.

When asked about a possible sequel, the creators admit they are discussing that possibility, especially now that there is such high demand to bring the title to consoles. However, they have not promised to provide an answer in the short term as they still have a lot of work to do with the current title. In this article, we’ll discuss everything they have in mind for the future.

After skyrocketing sales in September and analyzing how it has become a global phenomenon, Among Us! remains a real surprise in the sector. From MeriStastion we explain how to put the game in Spanish, how cross play works on PC and mobile phones and how to download it on all platforms where it is available.



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