Apple Considers Completely Removing Lightning Input

Apple Considers Completely Removing Lightning Input

According to some in the industry, Apple will no longer include the Lightning input in its next models, offering a completely cordless phone. The company has gotten us used to a wireless life, especially with this year’s models.

The charging ports on our smartphones have constantly changed over time. While the current standard is USB-C, tech giant Apple preferred USB-C Lightning cable over USB-C in its models. Of course, Apple only used its own cables.

Here, according to the latest claims, Apple is considering removing this item. We can see with the naked eye that wireless charging technology has become widespread in recent years. As a result of this popularization, Apple plans to launch a phone without a charging hole. The strongest support for this claim is that Apple brought back MagSafe.

Completely cordless phones come:

The wireless charging system in Apple’s iPhones has been made more efficient this year with MagSafe. Users can place their phones on the charging point with complete accuracy. Following MagSafe, according to many in the industry, a wireless future for the iPhone is now certain.

The charging port on iPhones isn’t just used to charge the phone, of course. In addition to charging, we use the input on the iPhones for data exchange and for headphones. But Apple has already developed AirDrop, iCloud, and wireless headphones that could provide a wireless future for it in the future.

Apple’s MagSafe is creating a new habit among people with the iPhone 12. Thanks to a more reliable wireless charging method, iPhone users have less need for Lightning input and are increasingly accustomed to wireless charging.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will launch a flagship smartphone without charging input in 2021. So Apple’s next models will come with a structure that can be used completely wirelessly, the analyst said. The cordless phone isn’t just Apple’s target, of course.


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