Biden routs Trump in September fundraising, $383M to $248M

It’s a big reversal from the spring when Trump had a seemingly unbeatable head start in fundraising against Biden, who entered Democratic elementary school and asked questions about his fundraiser and had to run a lean campaign before launching and securing the Democratic nomination .

Biden has used his cash advantage and expanded his in the last few weeks TV broadcasts in traditionally republican states like Texas, while Trump is clearly overwhelmed on the radio waves.

Murtaugh said that despite Biden’s financial dominance, Trump had the resources necessary to win the election.

“President Trump hits the last stretch with strength, resources, a record and a huge ground game that is required to get the message across and secure re-election.” Murtaugh tweeted.

Biden’s donation advantage comes from the fact that democratic grassroots donors inundate campaigns with donations. ActBlue, the democratic online payment processorIt traded $ 1.5 billion in the quarter, including $ 758 million in September. WinRed, its Republican counterpart, processes over $ 623.5 million in the third quarter.

Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam Adelson have rushed to try to bridge the fundraising gap between the President and Biden. They donated $ 75 million the Super PAC Preserve America last month.

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