Biden smashes fund-raising records during chaotic debate

Biden smashes fund-raising records during chaotic debate

Neither campaign has published their September donation totals yet.

The current financial picture for both presidential campaigns represents an astounding reversal in wealth from last spring when Trump had a solid financial advantage over Biden, who nearly went broke from Democratic primary competition.

This fall, Biden was able to spend significantly more than Trump thanks to his cash advantage, especially on television advertising. In August, Biden Trump outperformed Trump more than 3: 1 on television, according to Advertising Analytics. This pattern continued for most of September, despite pro-Trump super PACs like Preserve America helping to fill some of the president’s spending gap.

Democratic donors are not only driving Biden’s election campaign, they are racing up and down. ActBlue, the digital fundraising platform widely used by Democratic candidates and political committees, has broken its own monthly, daily, and hourly fundraising records several times over the past few months. On the night that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, it culminated in the largest one-hour fundraising event totaling $ 6.3 million.

That money goes to the races of Congress across the country, giving the Democrats a small monetary advantage that has long troubled Republican strategists.

Trump’s campaign did not respond to requests for comment on the publication of their own donation numbers, which emerged from last night’s debate.

A Biden campaign official also found that 85 percent of his posts were made during 10 p.m. Tuesday night’s hour came from text messaging, a direct channel for voters who have strongly opted for mobile use.

I Will Vote – a Democratic National Committee-funded registration and voting website – also had the highest traffic in its decade, with users from Pennsylvania, Florida and North Carolina among the most prominent. Almost 24,000 people have submitted new voter registrations.

Alex Isenstadt contributed to the reporting.


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