Big Surprise For Those Who Expect ‘Foldable iPhone’ From Apple: MacBook With Foldable Screen May Be On The Way!

It has been claimed that Apple is working on a MacBook with a foldable screen. According to the statements made by Ross Young, a reliable source that shares a lot of consistent information from within the industry, the foldable screen MacBook will be 20 inches in size.
There is a new trend in the smartphone industry that has not yet been fully embraced. This trend is models with foldable screens, as you can imagine. While technology companies such as Samsung and Huawei are investing heavily in foldable screen phones, a significant portion of consumers are waiting for the US-based technology giant Apple’s foldable screen iPhone model. However, recent allegations reveal that Apple is not considering an iPhone with a foldable screen.

Ross Young, who proved his reliability with his leaks about Apple in the past years, made a remarkable statement. According to Young, Apple doesn’t want its first product with a foldable screen to be an iPhone. Allegedly, the company is working on a MacBook with a foldable screen. So what will this laptop offer to consumers?

It will be the biggest-screen MacBook ever
According to Ross Young’s statement, the foldable screen MacBook will be the largest screen model to date. Because Apple wants this product to be 20 inches in size. Moreover, it is stated that this MacBook will offer multiple usage options. For example, a consumer will be able to use this MacBook like an iMac. According to Young, Apple’s foldable screen computer will come in 4K or 5K resolution.

Apple has not said much about products with foldable screens to date. However, Ross Young took his claims a step further and also revealed when we will meet this kind of MacBook. Allegedly, the foldable-screen MacBook will be released in 2025 at the earliest. So we will wait at least 3 more years to meet this product…

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