Billy Bob Thornton’s son hid second child from him for 18 months

On this week’s episode of , the new E! reality show about celebrities’ kids attempting to survive and work on a ranch, actor 27-year-old son, Harry James Thornton, revealed he hid the fact that he had a second child from his dad for a year and a half.

“Okay, so I had Mia, and I think I was 19 and a half. I didn’t know how to tell my dad about the second one. I didn’t tell him for like a year and a half,” laughed Harry. He added, “Yeah, I mean, I saw my dad, like, once or twice a week, and I never mentioned it.”

Harry, who has two daughters named Mia and Nikita with his fiancée Magi, opened up to Redmond Parker Wednesday, as he told Ray Parker Jr.’s son that he didn’t know how to tell his dad about his second daughter, because he was scared.

“I was scared to tell, like, I don’t know how he’s gonna take it. When I had my first child, Mia, I had to ask him for money, and I didn’t want him to think that I was as immature as I was,” explained Harry.

It’s clear Harry really cares about what his dad thinks about him, as he shared, “My dad traveled a lot when we were kids, but it didn’t matter how much he worked. He would always make time for me and my brother. Now that I’m a dad, I try to do the same thing my dad did for us. I’ll do anything to make them happy. I love being a dad.” However, Harry ultimately learned that hiding his second daughter from his dad was pointless because, in the end, Billy Bob wasn’t mad at all.

“He’s like, ‘You should have told me. Why would I be mad?’ Obviously I’m much older now, but when I had Nikita, my second one, I didn’t tell him because I didn’t want him to think that I was how I was when I was younger,” shared Harry.

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