BlackBerry 5G is Canceled and Brand Moves Away From Smartphones For Good

One of the few hopes of keeping blackberry alive in the phone industry has officially ended. After launch delays and lack of information, the project to launch a 5G smartphone under the brand name will now not get off the ground.

According to the Android Police website and the CrackBerry forum, the American company OnwardMobility lost the license to use the brand by decision of blackberry itself. Therefore, the release was completely discarded.

BlackBerrys idea is to distance itself from the launch of smartphones, which also means allowing other companies to launch devices under that name. In addition, OnwardMobility had problems with production line delays — that is, it might have at least been able to launch a few units if it didn’t have manufacturing obstacles.

the end of an era

The model did not even have official images released, but rumors that circulated in the second half of 2021 indicated that the look would be based on a more modern device, such as the blackberry private

recently, blackberry announced that it will sell patents for cell phones and messaging apps, in addition to ending support and servers for services of classic models of the company.

From now on, the legendary manufacturer founded in 1984 and which changed the world of corporate mobile telephony must focus on digital services and platforms.

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