Boris Johnson announces when areas will be placed into new Tiers

Boris Johnson made an announcement in the House of Commons this afternoon.

He revealed the government’s Winter Covid Plan when England’s second lockdown ends on December 2nd.

The Prime Minister said the three tier system will return from December 3rd.

“In contrast to the previous agreements, the levels will now be a uniform set of rules. We will not negotiate additional measures with each region, but a uniform set of rules.”

“We have learned from experience that there are some things we can do differently,” he said.

Mr Johnson added, “Later this week I should say that we will announce which areas will fall into which category, I hope on Thursday.”

He added, “I’m sorry to say that we are assuming that more regions will fall to higher levels, at least temporarily, than before, but by using those tougher levels and using rapid turnaround tests on an ever larger scale to determine R Bringing it below one and keeping it There it should be possible for the areas to move the (level) scale down in order to lower the restrictions. “


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