Cadbury releases touching new film that everyone should watch

Cadbury has urged people to “donate their words” to the older generation in its latest campaign to end loneliness and change people’s views of the elderly.

The new campaign, launched in partnership with AgeUK, has been launched to help people ask older people the questions they should be asked.

The film shows older people asking the viewer to “ask something interesting” instead of “how they slept” or “when they are cold”. Instead, the film prompts viewers to “ask them about trips around the world” or “join the circus”.

Cadbury previously ran a similar campaign with AgeUK that raised £ 400,000 for the charity.

Colin O’Toole, Deputy Director of Marketing at Cadbury UK & Ireland, said: “Our campaign last year was to raise awareness of the shocking reality of people who go weeks without talking to anyone.

“This year we want to continue to foster the bond between you and the person you say hello to. We wanted to focus this in a more uplifting way that celebrates the voices of older people and the lives they have led.

“When you donate your words to an elderly person, it’s not about sympathy or duty – it’s something full of opportunity that you want people to feel excited and motivated to do.”

The new film was created by VCCP and Jonny Parker, Associate Creative Director at VCCP, the rest of us. And don’t forget that this is the generation that paved the way.

“They’re the originals of everything – the idea of ​​living in peace with the world, equality, veganism, free love, festivals in the fields, and all sorts of things we’re all interested in.”

To support the campaign, you can search for “donate your words” on Google. You can Watch the video on Youtube here.


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