CES 2022: See CyberPower PC’s Auto-Vented Case

CES 2022: CyberPower PC presented on Wednesday (05), during CES 2022, the housing of the new Kinetic series, inspired by the futuristic architecture and equipped with automatic ventilation openings. The front panel is constructed with triangular segments that open and close as needed to lower the computer’s internal temperature.

During the presentation, Nam Hoang, Creative Director of CyberPower PC, explained the purpose of the build and made the following comment about the design of the new product: “We strive to think beyond aesthetics and dedicate more to honest and functional design that’s a goal. We wondered: can a cabinet do more and be than just a box with holes?”.

“With that curiosity in mind, the CyberPower PC team started thinking about what a computer needed to perform at its best,” he continued. The equipment is able to analyze the internal temperature of the system, from which the 18 fans contract or expand when the temperature is high, to reduce the ingress of noise and dust.

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