Chinese woman stuck in blind date's home by sudden Covid lockdown

It’s the stuff of nightmares—an awkward blind date that just won’t end.

That became reality for a Chinese woman last Friday when she said she had to stay at her date’s home after authorities imposed a Covid-19 lockdown on that area of ​​Zhengzhou city.

Officials responded to an outbreak of the Delta variant in the provincial capital of Henan, where dozens of cases were recorded last week.

Three days later, the woman shared videos of her lockdown routine on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like social media platform, and Douyin, as TikTok is known in the country. Her story quickly went viral.

In one of the videos viewed by NBC News, the woman said she traveled from the city of Guangzhou to Zhengzhou, where her family arranged a series of blind dates for her.

“I’m getting older, my family has introduced me to more than 10 blind dates,” she said. Her new lockdown partner was her fifth date in the lineup, she added.

Although she did not reveal her full name, age, or the identity of her blind date, she was identified as Wang in later interviews with local media. Her name in Douyin is “Wang Yi in Guangzhou”.

People queued for Covid tests at a block of flats in Zhengzhou, China last week.Future release / via Getty Imag

Wang agreed to meet at the blind date’s house on Friday so he could “show off his cooking,” she told The Paper, a Shanghai-based digital newspaper, on Monday.

While her host was a gracious one, she said he hardly spoke, but “everything else is great.” She added that he “cooks, cleans, works.”

While she “was grateful to everyone for your concern, I will persevere,” she said. “I hope the pandemic will be over soon and all my single sisters won’t be alone anymore.”

She did not say if she asked the authorities if she could go home or return.

But in a later social media post, Wang said she temporarily removed some of the clips because they had gone viral and she thought they had impacted her date’s life.

It is unclear whether Wang is still stuck in the apartment. NBC News reached out to her for comment.

Covid cases in Henan have continued to rise and the province reported 76 new local infections on Thursday.

Wang’s predicament highlights the sudden disruptions to everyday life in China as authorities doggedly pursue a “zero Covid” policy to eliminate all infections.

Authorities have locked down a total of around 20 million residents in three different cities across China to prevent outbreaks of both the Delta and Omicron variants in the run-up to the Beijing outbreak winter Olympics Games scheduled to start early next month.

Around 13 million residents of the city of Xi’an entered their third week under strict lockdown on Tuesday, with reports from netizens suggesting it was difficult to access food and medical supplies.

Wang has not said in any of her posts or interviews whether a shorter date is in sight for the future.

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