Clever parking hack shows we've all been getting it wrong in car parks

One man shared a simple parking hack that shows we are misusing all of our parking spaces – and that could save time and prevent scratches.

TikTok users bigbruva_77 posted a video of his technology with his 200 followers and stated that he discovered it after picking up a vehicle.

He said he was amazed at the way the cars were stored on General Motors’ premises in the US, the Mirror Reports.

Everyone was parked on the left line of the parking lot, leaving enough space on either side to open the doors – to avoid accidental bumps and parking problems.

In the video, the man said, “What if I told you all that we were wrongly parked in parking lots all along.

“Here we pick up GM trucks, see how they are parked – they are parked on the line. Do you see how evenly they are distributed?

“Imagine if everyone at Walmart parked on the line it would reduce the number of dents and give you space to get in and out.

“We got it wrong all along, all of you.”

His video quickly garnered over 440,000 views and tons of comments – and people said the tech made the rooms appear twice as big.

But others pointed to a possible bug – in the form of other drivers.

Another user commented, “Your people can’t even park inside the queues, you expect them to park on them?”

And another wrote, “I mean, it’s like everyone parking in the middle, the general public is just bad at parking, no matter what the standard.”


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