Darren Barnet Could've Been Jughead in Riverdale, and Wow, I Need Time to Process

Thanks to Netflix’s Never have I ever, we’ve been introduced to a group of talented up-and-coming actors, including Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Lee Rodriguez, Ramona Young, and yes, the heartthrob, Darren Barnet. But what if things went differently? Believe it or not, maybe we ended up at Barnet as a certain Jughead Jones Riverdale instead of Cole Sprouse.

During a virtual game of impressions before J-14, Ramakrishnan (who plays Devi) and Barnet (who plays Paxton) started guessing popular Netflix, CW and Disney Channel characters. While Barnet certainly got some pointers – let’s face it, Ramakrishnan fully owned this game – he didn’t hesitate when he heard Jughead’s monologue. (Continue to 8:03 to see that Ramakrishnan is fully committed to the role.) “That was literally my audition for that role,” Barnet admitted when he got confused about the impression of his costar. Watch the full video above to enjoy their back and forth banter. Can you imagine a world where Barnet and Sprouse switched places? Wild.

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