Fire Donald Trump


This is the most important choice in our life – and one of the most momentous in The nation155 years of history. Donald Trump accepted his party’s nomination in 2016, pledging to “lead our country back to security, prosperity and peace … to create millions of new jobs and trillions of new prosperity”. On his inauguration, he returned to the subject and vowed to “rebuild our country with American hands and American labor”. All lies. He also claimed to be worth billions – and to have paid “millions” in taxes. That also turned out to be a lie.

Instead of leading us to prosperity, Trump pushed through a tax return that grossed billions of dollars for his wealthy supporters (and cabinet members) and cut taxes on companies by a whopping 40 percent while handing crumbs to working families. Instead of seeking peace, Trump has sunk the Iranian nuclear deal, which was opposed by the Medium-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (negotiated by Ronald Reagan), and is withdrawing the country from the Open Skies deal. Not to mention his abdication of the Paris Climate Agreement – the foreseeable consequence of a government with a disdain for science, an aversion to the truth, and a blind belief in the infallible wisdom of the markets and corporate elites. Playing on Twitter while the West Coast burns, Trump has nothing but four more years of incompetence and indifference. The man who pledged to end the “American slaughter” has instead emerged as a cheerleader for white supremacy, religious bigotry and nationalist hatred.

And without even counting on the way in which the coronavirus ruthlessly exposed its terrible inadequacy as a leader, its literally fatal inability to take advice or face an opportunity. As the pandemic continues to spread and our country leads the world in terms of death and suffering, Americans should be asking, “Do I feel safer than four years ago?”

Trump’s absence will not heal the terrible wounds inflicted on our body politics over the past four years. But it is the absolutely necessary first step. That means voting for Joe Biden – wherever possible by voting early or if necessary by being absent or voting in person.

We have no illusions about Biden, who – as we reported here last November – broke bankruptcy protection for student loans, drafted the bill banning states from capping interest rates on interstate banking, and had a career in the Senate in which he carried water for Delaware’s credit card industry. The idea that Biden is some kind of sleep aid for socialism is a cruel joke, as is the claim that it is a radical closet.

The democratic primaries included some candidates and ideas that are really radical. Bernie Sanders –The nationThe preferred candidate formulated a vision of Medicare for All and an America where health, education and economic security are human rights. Elizabeth Warren defied Biden’s favors for the banks and ran on a platform against the monopoly millionaires and robber baron billionaires who have manipulated our economy. Nevertheless, both vote for Biden.



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