Girl, 4, dies one week after horror bouncy castle accident that killed another child

The young girl is the second boy to die after the bouncy castle tragedy in Valencia, Spain, which is now under police investigation

Firefighters help after a bouncy castle at the fair in Mislata, Spain, was lifted several meters from the ground by a gust of wind on January 4th (

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A second youth died in an accident with a Spanish bouncy castle that was examined by the police.

Town hall chiefs in Mislata near the east coast city of Valencia confirmed that a four-year-old girl lost her battle for life in the hospital overnight.

An eight-year-old girl died last Wednesday at La Fe Hospital in Valencia, hours after she was thrown into the air when a strong gust of wind lifted the bouncy castle several meters above the ground and hit her head on concrete as she landed.

Her parents, who had taken legal action, then wrote an emotional open letter: “You are and will remain our angel.

Mislata City Hall confirmed the second death in a statement released early this morning / yesterday morning (MON): “Regrettably, the second girl who was seriously injured in the hospital after the fairground accident has died.

After the bouncy castle was lifted into the air, rescue workers were called to the scene


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“We have declared an official mourning period until Wednesday noon and suspended all planned town hall celebrations.”

The two girls were the most seriously injured of nine children who were hospitalized on Tuesday night after the incident.

The owner of the bouncy castle, a Spaniard nicknamed Toni ‘el Terremoto’, which translates into English as Toni the earthquake, has already been questioned by the police while the investigation is ongoing.

The local council said all of his papers were in order but made no comment on the anchoring system, which the family of the first girl to die had labeled “inadequate” or the decision not to close the attraction when the wind was blowing was so strong.

Neither of the girls’ full names have been released.

The eight-year-old’s family, identified only by her first name Cayetana, has hired a lawyer to take possible legal action.

A four-year-old girl was confirmed to have lost her battle for life overnight in the hospital.


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The move came amid reports that the bouncy castle was only tied to a tree, street lamp and bench and was used despite gusts of wind of up to 70 km / h, which was almost double the maximum recommended by the EU.

Cayetana’s brother Jaime, 11, was also on the same rubber dinghy but survived a serious injury after landing on his knees in a fall.

The parents of the tragic school girl said in their letter: “Dear Cayetana, your parents love you very much.

“You are and will remain our angel. Affectionate, kind and very noble.

“We know that you will take care of us and your brother Jaime wherever you are.

“Give us a lot of strength to come to terms with your loss. We love you.

“As parents, we don’t know what to say about events, only that life is sometimes unfair and no mother or father is prepared for such situations or can endure so much pain.

View of the bouncy castle the morning after the attraction was lifted up by a gust of wind


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“When something like this happens, all we can do is hold on to faith and try to find a way … and the only way is to overcome it and try to get a little bit stronger every day.

“It’s worth it for our second child, who was also on the bouncy castle but didn’t fall on its knees injured. Life gave him a second chance. “

Six children aged 11 and 12 died in a bouncy castle accident in Australia last month.

Chace Harrison died of injuries as the sixth teenager after his life support was turned off at a Hobart hospital on December 19.

He was one of nine students who fell 10 meters from an inflatable castle when the wind lifted it at a school fair in Devonport, Tasmania.

The other five children who lost their lives were named 11-year-old Addison Stewart and 12-year-old Zane Mellor, Jye Sheehan, Jalailah Jayne-Maree Jones, and Peter Dodt.

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