Google Maps update helps with social distancing during lockdown

Google is now using its map application to show its users how busy buses and trains are to improve social distance during the coronavirus outbreak.

Since the pandemic began, the tech giant has added 250 to the service – including a Covid-19 shift in June that provided health warnings.

The latest Google Maps update is set to help with social distancing on crowded public transit.

Real-time location data shows how many people are on a bus or train at any given time.

The company has used estimates of how busy the services are at certain times. However, this is the first time that Google Maps has provided updated information.

Another new function also shows how long the delivery times are expected to be when ordering via the app.

Some of the UK’s most trackable and nostalgic films are also being distributed over Google Maps for free on a virtual lockdown Easter egg hunt.

Google is encouraging people, in partnership with the British Film Institute (BFI), to rediscover and download movies like Skyfall, Wallace, and Gromit: The Curse of the Wer-Rabbit.

Around 40 of the 50 top films selected by the BFI from the past 50 years that were selected by the BFI are hidden in locations in Great Britain that relate to their location and can be found on Google Maps.

Notices will be released prior to the Google Pixel Presents Mobile Cinema launch in late November.

Google also announced that searches for “what to see” doubled during the first lock and increased again in the past few weeks when England put in their second lock.

Soniya Jobanputra, Product Manager at Google Pixel, said, “If we put another ban we know that people are looking for familiarity. and find solace in reconnecting with stories and characters they know and love.

“With Google Pixel Presents Mobile Cinema, the country can rediscover these films from our past and instantly transport itself, whether on the sofa, in the park or between rooms – with Pixel 5G you can download and watch these films instantly.”


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