Hillary Clinton Warned Us We Had to Get Serious About the Supreme Court

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton warned us.

When she applied for the Democratic nomination for the presidency four years ago, she turned in the strongest speech of their campaignon the subject of the United States Supreme Court. The address she presented was not a reflexive response to the day’s news. It wasn’t a series of topics of conversation repackaged to fill a passing message cycle. It was an important political address – comprehensive in scope and character, ambitious in its aims, but differentiated in its recognition of the challenges facing its party and country. I was in the room when Clinton made her remarks, and as someone who often criticized the former Secretary of State, I wrote, “Clinton’s speech on the importance of filling the Supreme Court and the values ​​and ideals that guide the judiciary Nominations should have been a deep and detailed discussion of a fundamental responsibility of the President. ”

However, I also noticed that the speech was largely neglected, saying, “In this absurd campaign season, the media devoted hours to arguments about which Republican candidate insulted which woman, about violent and irresponsible campaign workers, about which soap opera scenario Remember , Thoughtful discussions about topics get little attention. And deep and detailed discussions on topics are covered even less. “To the extent that the speech was dealt with at all, it was referring to what the Democratic contender had to say about the Republican nomination race. especially Clinton’s observation“What the Republicans have sown with their extremist tactics, they are now reaping with Donald Trump’s candidacy.”

This neglect of the content of Clinton’s remarks on the courts was troubling at the time and remains troubling as it presents the challenge of making judicial selection a campaign issue. We face this challenge again, amid yet another campaign and an even more fierce battle for the future of judgment. President Trump’s nomination by Judge Amy Coney Barrett Ruth Bader Ginsburg has brought this country to a critical point where a Republican president and his Senate allies are rushing to reconfigure the Supreme Court before voters deprive them of their power to do so. However, many media outlets are already busy with the next story: Trump’s tax problems, Trump’s outrageous tweeting, Trump’s recent outbreak.



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