Huawei Receives Bad News From The Appeals Court

Huawei has appealed to the US Court of Appeals to lift a ban on its telecommunications infrastructure. However, he didn’t get what he wanted. huawei, which had commercial bad days after the US embargo continues to fight. The company, which introduced the new operating system HarmonyOS a while ago, has not given up on the US market. The company continues the legal battle to lift the embargo and lift the bans.

But the news is not good for the Chinese tech giant. The New Orleans federal appeals court of three judges, made up of two judges appointed by former President Donald Trump, upheld the ruling against huawei. The company’s dreams of undoing the decision were thwarted.

Huawei can’t sell 5G infrastructure

Active in many different areas, Huawei is also a telecommunications giant. The company was once the number one choice of many countries for infrastructure works in many countries, including the US. However, the embargo made it difficult, both here and in the smartphone market. The Chinese manufacturer, which was prevented from doing business in many countries, lost its contracts one by one.

To avoid this situation, Huawei intended to lift the prohibitions by filing an application with the Court of Appeal. However, the appeals court upheld the FCC’s decision and downplayed the company’s application. Judges agreeing with the FCC’s decision on the national security threat cited the tech giant’s proximity to Chinese military intelligence.

In his 61-page defense, Huawei argued that the decision taken at the time was of a political nature. At the same time, the company’s lawyers also blamed the FCC, claiming that the institution was under the influence of the State Department. But Stuart Kyle Duncan, one of Trump’s appointed judges in the US, was not convinced. According to Duncan, one of the tasks of the FCC is to assess the security risks of telecom networks.

Huawei argued that the former government interfered with their fundamental rights and skipped necessary steps in the federal decision-making process. However, these comments failed to convince the appeals court to overturn the original decision. For example, the company’s move to lift the bans fell through. The next step from the Chinese tech giant, which is increasingly cornered, was a matter of curiosity.

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