Huge blast heard across Paris caused by fighter jet sonic boom

Huge blast heard across Paris caused by fighter jet sonic boom

A large explosion was heard in Paris, echoing across the city after a fighter jet got messed up.

Eyewitnesses reported that their buildings rocked and people from several central districts as well as nearby suburbs heard about the explosion.

Police say the loud bang was caused by a fighter jet that broke the sound barrier.

The plane had become jumbled in response to another plane crossing into the city’s restricted airspace.

The footage of a French Open game between Stan Wawrinka and Dominik Koepfer shows the couple’s break after a loud, deep bang can be heard in the background.

Shortly after 11 a.m. UK time, a person tweeted, “Explosion sounds near the François Mitterrand Library, we were all afraid it was an attack.”

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Another person said their boat was shaking in the water after the bang.

“I felt it in Saint Cloud!” They write.

“In any case, I just felt a huge explosion that made our ship vibrate here on the Seine.”

Scared Parisians called emergency services to report the explosion.

Huge blast heard across Paris caused by fighter jet sonic boom 1

After it became clear where the explosion was coming from, police urged the public to stay calm and stop calling.

The Police Prefecture tweeted: “A very important sound was heard in Paris and the Paris region.

“There’s no explosion, it’s about a fighter plane that has passed the sound barrier.

“Don’t overload the emergency lines!”

According to information from France Bleu Paris, the Air Force aircraft, a Rafale, took off from the BA 113 air force base in Saint-Dizier.

Huge blast heard across Paris caused by fighter jet sonic boom 2

It had been messed up to intercept a plane that had flown into the city’s restricted airspace.

The pilot was authorized to cross the sound barrier, which he passed at 11:52 a.m. east of Paris. Francebleu reported.

“A Rafale (fighter aircraft) stationed in Saint-Dizier that intervened to help an airline that had lost contact was allowed to break the sound barrier to join the plane in trouble. It broke the sound barrier east of Paris,” said Colonel Stephane, spokesman for the army, said Spet in a statement.

He added that a second after the boom – which occurred at an altitude of 10 km and was magnified by cloud cover – the passenger jet, an Embraer 145, re-established contact with air traffic control.

The French civil aviation authority DGAC announced that the fighter aircraft was dispatched after losing contact with two civil aircraft.

It was said to be a Falcon 50 operated by a private Brazilian company on a flight between Cape Verde and Brussels.

The other was an Embraer 145 operated by the regional airline Amelia on a flight between the French cities of Brives and Saint-Brieuc.

Huge blast heard across Paris caused by fighter jet sonic boom 3

Parisians are likely on high alert after being stabbed to death outside Charlie Hebdo’s former offices last week.

Two people were seriously injured in the attack. The suspect allegedly planned to set fire to the former offices of the magazine before being stopped.

In February 2019, more than 500 people in Oise called for help after a military plane passed the sound barrier to intercept a civilian plane that had lost radio contact.



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