IPhone 12 Pro Max camera passed DxOMark test

Apple announced its new line of smartphones last month, with the iPhone 12 Pro Max as the most advanced of the four, with the largest screen and main camera incorporating Apple’s key specifications available.

In cameras, we have a main sensor from 12 MP f / 1.6 equivalent to 26 mm, which represents an improvement over the previous generation, and still has optical stabilization based on the sensor instead of the lens, and this set is accompanied of an ultra-wide lens 12 MP equivalent to 13 mm and a telephoto also 12 MP equivalent to 65 mm. The set is topped off by a rare LiDAR sensor, which helps calculate depth of field.

Considered the most advanced to date ever manufactured by Apple, the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera module has passed the famous DxOMark test. Was it enough to take first place in the ranking?

The answer is no, but that does not mean that the analysts of the renowned ranking were disappointed with the device, on the contrary. The 130 points in total were considered impressive and enough to put Apple’s top in fourth place, behind only rivals from Huawei and Xiaomi.

In the subscores, the highlight is the 138 points achieved in the photos category, only behind the Huawei Mate 40 Pro. Praise here for the precise exposure, especially with portraits, even in very low light. The DxOMark also emphasizes the pleasant color indoors. Also noteworthy is the auto focus, considered “very fast and accurate”, which set a new record for this item. There are improvements in texture and noise balance compared to its predecessor.

IPhone 12 Pro Max camera passed DxOMark test 1

IPhone 12 Pro Max camera passed DxOMark test 2

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
78.1 x 160.8 x 7.4 mm
6.7 inches – 2778 × 1284 px

Analysts also mentioned the good work of the LiDAR sensor, which provides good results, with good separation of objects and natural-looking gradient blur and uniform noise, although artifacts on object lathes that are more difficult to remove are still visible. Speaking of artifacts, there is a minor setback in this regard, which lost three points compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

In video, the iPhone 12 Pro Max also does a nice job, with 113 points, on par with the Huawei P40 Pro, behind only the Mate 40 Pro. Here comes features like support for Dolby Vision HDR, for example. This module praises the good balance between texture and noise, in addition to the generally wide dynamic range. The speed and precision of the focus is another factor to be mentioned.

In conclusion, the only one, though, is the long zoom, which still lags behind competing models, but overall the cameras are seen as useful advancements over the predecessor in almost every way, and the video performance is excellent, and one of the best ever.

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