'It's like a military camp' – parents' anger at 'Hitler' line-up rules for pupils

Angry parents have complained after a school introduced a new way of queuing that they claim has kids “standing like Hitler”.

Some have branded the rules, which see children raising their arm to show they are ready, as “like a military camp” that treats youth “like little children”.

And they claimed that students shouted “Heil Hitler” when they did reports Teesside Live.

But the school has defended the move, saying kids have been queuing for decades and it just shows they’re paying attention.

Mum-of-six Samantha Sawdon, 40, was briefed on the new rules at Outwood Academy Ormesby in Middlesbrough by her children Tyler, 15, and Tilly, 13.

They told her to stand with their left foot on a leash and raise their hand in the air to have rest at the break.

She said: “They are not happy, they even said that children say ‘Heil Hitler!’ call. if they do.

“It’s like a military camp – it’s like a salute. Why do the children have to raise their hands?

“It’s just not positive. We shouldn’t release this system for children. It’s a really bad thing to put it out there.

“In elementary school, you raise your hand to get attention. They are going against what they were told as a child – raise your arm for help.”

Samantha said she emailed the school Monday with the rules but received no response.

She added: “A lot of parents aren’t happy about it.

“The kids have been through a lot. You went to school after two terrible years of home schooling.

“They are treated like little children. My son is 15 years old and about to go to work.

“I have no problem with them standing in line. But standing with your left foot and then raising your hand to be quiet — that’s a bit of a stretch.”

Lisa Thompson, 39, said she told her 13-year-old daughter Sienna not to follow the rule.

She said: “It’s not good, I won’t let my daughter do this at school.

“In my eyes, they are there to learn schoolwork and not be lined up in a playground. It’s just a joke, it’s just not acceptable.

“You make a stand like Hitler. I find it disgusting, it’s a shame.”

She added: “She doesn’t like it, she said ‘Mom I don’t do it’.

“I know some kids will stand there and laugh at this, but it’s no laughing matter, this is serious.

“They didn’t tell us what they set up.

“Don’t you think they’ve been through enough with all this Covid business?

“They have a pandemic and they tell them to do that at school.”

Gemma Trattles, associate executive principal at Outwood, said the hand raise was brought in to show teachers the students were paying attention.

She said: “We introduced this procedure for entering the school at the start of the day and at the end of break times this week and the feedback from students has been really positive, making these complaints all the more surprising and saddening to hear.

“Even though we are new to this process, for decades children across the country have been queuing after recess and lunchtime, and raising a hand is simply a gesture that lets the teacher know that the student is paying attention and ready to leave the classroom.” to enter. This also happens in many schools.

“Furthermore, we want to make it clear that if a student hears phrases like those claimed by the parents said, it will not be tolerated in the school as it is totally unacceptable.”

Ms Trattles said the school wanted to work with its parent community to better support students.

She said that while they can confirm that numerous letters from the new Headmaster have been sent to parents, as part of their ongoing learning and improvement process, they will be looking at alternative ways they could have conveyed the message to parents.

Ms Trattles added: “We hope that following this issue, the school community will come together to work with our new Principal, Toni Wilden, to continue the good work the school is doing to raise standards and make a difference in the lives of us students.”

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