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Kamala Harris Will Shred Mike Pence in the Vice Presidential Debate


Senator and Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris. (Bill Clark / CQ Appeal via AP Images)

Vice President Mike Pence just got some very bad news. He will lose the Vice Presidential Debate this fall, and that loss will seriously damage the Republican Party’s already diminished election prospects for 2020.

California Senator Kamala Harris will crush Donald Trump’s unfortunate comrade-in-arms when the two face each other during the Vice Presidential Debate on October 7th at the University of Utah.

This is not the only reason for an alleged Democratic candidate Joe Biden chose Harris as a Democratic vice presidential candidate. Harris is putting youth on the map as a candidate 22 years younger than the party’s presidential election and as a variety of Indian and Jamaican immigrants who will be the first black women to get a big party ticket. She has the experience in local, state, and national politics that Biden values. She is more liberal than Biden on a number of issues, but she is certainly not a progressive in the sense of Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont, or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, representative from New York. That frustrates the left, which pushed Biden to consider potential vice presidents like Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Chairwoman of the Progressive Caucus of Congress, Karen Bass. It is now clear, however, that the former Vice President and his ideologically cautious inner circle are planning a campaign in which Trump and Pence are more prominent than the bold structural change proposed by Sanders and Warren with their 2020 presidential offers.

Biden acknowledges that despite encouraging poll results, he is in a serious battle. And he knows from personal experience that Harris is a sharp and aggressive activist who has no trouble calling out her opponents and commanding a phase of debate.

Kamala Harris Will Shred Mike Pence in the Vice Presidential Debate 1

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Biden is a political structuralist. He knows where the hinge of campaigns are, and he knows that the pundits are always wrong if they neglect the role vice presidential candidates play in determining the flow of presidential campaigns. After all, Biden is one of the few Americans who can undoubtedly have won two vice presidential debates – against Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in 2008 and against soon-to-be House Speaker Paul Ryan in 2012 – at critical points in running for the White House.

The 2008 win was important because it closed some of the final hopes for the jaw-dropping Republican ticket from Palin and Arizona Senator, John McCain, in a race with a dynamic young Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, and a far more competent vice-presidential candidate than his Rival.




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