Latest UK news evening headlines: 'Worst lurgy ever' sweeping the nation, Queen's Jubilee party to be 'biggest ever'

Reports of a terrible cold spread across the country.

Described as the “worst lurgy ever,” the disease leaves people with a sandpaper neck, chest cough, and a runny nose that is said to be difficult to overcome.

An increase in colds and flu has been expected for some time this winter, as people socialize largely without restrictions for the first time since March 2020.

Dr. Philippa Kaye, a general practitioner based in London, said the numbers were already as high as you’d see in a normal winter.

She told the BBC: “We have actually seen an increase in the number of coughs and colds and viral infections.

“We’re mixing in a way we haven’t done in the last 18 months.

“We saw a number of others during these initial lockdowns” [non-Covid] Infections fall. We think that was primarily due to the limitations of the meetings. “

Queens Anniversary Party To Be “Biggest Ever”

Next summer, the greatest royal event of all time will be celebrated to celebrate the Queen’s platinum anniversary.

A four-day holiday is planned, on which between 10 and 15 million pounds will be spent on several events, spectacles and celebrations.

Elton John, Stevie Wonder and Ed Sheeran are among the stars of the music world who love to perform – Dame Helen Mirren and legendary comic actor Stephen Fry are among the “Best of British” cast.

And the grand finale will be a huge platinum pageant through the streets of London, telling the story of the Queen’s reign

Dragons the size of London buses – and beasts the size of three-story houses – are carried through the streets as more than 6,500 street performers take part in the street parade on Sunday 5th June next year.

Prime Minister urges ex-Tesco boss to resolve supply chain crisis

Boris Johnson has reached out to a Tesco chief as a supply chain advisor to both resolve the immediate crisis in a number of UK industries and prevent future chaos.

It comes amid claims reported by the Financial Times and Mail Online that several senior Tory figures have been spotted as “panic buying” – and it turns out roughly one in six adults in the UK has not been in in the past fourteen days able to buy essential groceries.

Last week, industry leaders warned there would be gaps on supermarket shelves this Christmas, and Rishi Sunak said he could not “wave a wand” to tackle supply chain problems.

Now Sir Dave Lewis, who stepped down from Tesco last September after turning his fortunes around following his major accounting scandal, will work with the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Stephen Barclay.

Ladybirds ‘Besieged’ British Homes This Week

People across the UK have reported flocks of ladybirds invading homes and gardens and infesting them.

Reports on social media have shown properties across the country, from Lancashire to Lincolnshire, are being “besieged” by a “plague” of the signature insects.

The beautiful speckled bugs usually gather between September and October – and it seems this week is the peak time for 2021.

The ladybugs are looking for a home for the winter and look for small cracks around windows and doors – or any other warm and sheltered place – to hibernate.


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