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MacBook is consumer favorite in the used market

MacBook is consumer favorite in the used market

MacBooks are most wanted and bought in the notebook category on OLX. At least that’s what a survey of the buy and sell site done exclusively for TechTudo indicates, taking into account the transactions made in the first half of 2020. Among the top-selling brands, it’s also worth mentioning Positivo (15%), which ranks just below Apple (37%) and above brands like Samsung (13%) and Dell (8%).

The ranking takes into account new and used models and also points to an average price of R $ 6,789.52 for Apple laptops – indicating a large number of second-hand products. It is worth noting that according to OLX it was not possible to separate the MacBooks Pro and Air as the announcement is made by the users themselves and the information is not always complete.

Apple notebooks are not only the most sought after and most bought, but also have the highest average price of the analyzed brands. But it’s worth noting that the R $ 6,789.52 is well below the cheapest laptop available for sale in the official Apple Store: the MacBook Air, which costs R $ 10,299.

Shortly after that comes Dell, with an average value of R $ 6,348.17, and Samsung, which costs an average of R $ 4,389.63. The brands last in the top-selling rankings on the website, CCE (2%) and Philco (1%), also have the lowest price averages: R $ 533.52 and R $ 382.35, respectively.

The data from OLX also indicates that the models of the most sought after brands are not necessarily the most bought. This happens with MacBooks, which top the list with 17%, but Dell and Samsung, which lose place to Positivo in the sales rankings, come in third and fourth here, with 16% and 13% of searches respectively.

When buying and selling:

The company also stressed the importance of caution when buying and selling products in the used market. First, be suspicious of prices well below the market or other offers is a good tip, as is not paying before you receive the product. Other suggestions include researching the identity of who is going to buy or sell and be alert if the person is nervous, in a hurry, or impatient.

It is also important to always ask for the invoice when making the purchase, and it is worth mentioning that the website does not work with the transportation of products, i.e. it is not recommended to deliver the products to people who claim to be representatives of OLX.



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