Major difference to pub rules in second national lockdown

Major difference to pub rules in second national lockdown

Any beer left in pub cellars after the start of a second national lockdown must be “dumped down the drain,” pub bosses have warned.

Pubs and bars will not be able to serve take-away alcohol under the new rules, which will go into effect on Thursday – as was allowed when it was first blocked.

Jonathan Neame, managing director of Shepherd Neame Brewery, said the new measures were “soul-destroying”.

Speaking of the Today program, he said the hospitality industry “has no confidence” in the government.

“There was great support for local pubs from local communities during the initial lockdown,” he said.

“People want their pubs, they came back in droves. They want the pubs to survive and thrive.

“They want them to be there for their children’s generation, so they went for the take-home thing.

“Now we’re being told that with all of the beer in pub cellars, we can’t even sell a pint of ale as a snack with a meal during the lockdown, so we have to dump it all down the drain.”

Official guidelines state that while restaurants, bars and pubs must close on Thursday, take-away and delivery services are still allowed.

Several independent breweries have raised their concerns online asking to be given “a chance to fight” by allowing them to serve take-away alcohol.

During the first national lockdown, around 2,000 pubs, breweries and ciders were added to a directory of venues to encourage beer and cider drinkers to support the industry.

James Calder, CEO of the Society of Independent Brewers (Siba), said he had asked the government “urgent questions” about restrictions on take-away alcohol.

“Very worrying that the guidelines suggest that pubs can still offer take-away but not pints to take away,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Significant and unjustified extension of Lockdown One. I put urgent questions to departments, MPs and ministers. “



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