Midget Gems renamed amid fears they could cause offence

Midget Gems have been rebranded due to concerns the branding may offend people with dwarfism.

Marks and Spencer rebranded their chewable gummy candy to Mini Gems after a campaign.

Dr. Liverpool Hope University’s Erin Pritchard, who suffers from achondroplasia, has lobbied shops and manufacturers to change the name of the candy.

M&S is the first dealer to react and removes the term.

Dr. Pritchard said: “The word ‘midget’ is a form of hate speech and contributes to the prejudice that people with dwarfism face on a daily basis.

“We need a better awareness of this particular word so that things can change for the better.

“And I’m grateful that M&S ​​was willing to listen to the concerns of people with dwarfism and pushed the rebranding forward.”

Vegan-friendly company Free From Fellows, whose products line the shelves at Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, WH Smith and Boots, has also done away with the term “dwarf jewels.”

Dr. Pritchard said: “For me, this underscores the need for a better awareness of how problematic the word ‘midget’ really is, and I would love to see other retailers and manufacturers follow in the footsteps of M&S and Free From Fellows.”

She added: “Often referred to as the M-word by people with dwarfism, it’s a term derived from the word ‘midge,’ meaning midge or sandfly.

“Its origin automatically dehumanizes people like me. It was a term popularized during the Victorian freak show in which many disabled people, including those with dwarfism, were oppressed and exploited.

“Here, people with bodies that exceeded normal expectations were displayed for others to stare at and often taunt.”

An M&S spokesman said: “We are committed to being an inclusive retailer – from the way we support our colleagues, to the products we offer and the way we bring them to our 32million market customers.

“Based on the suggestions of our colleagues and the insights of Dr. Erin Pritchard, we introduced a new mini gem packaging last year, which has since rolled out across all of our stores.”


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