MPs approve Government's three-tier lockdown system

MPs have approved the government’s three-tier Covid-19 alert system for England.

It was approved after the support of three motions in the House of Commons.

The Prime Minister provided further details on the new three-tier lockdown system that is being introduced.

Lockdown measures across England will be governed by three “Covid Alert Levels” from Wednesday according to plans set by the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson said the new levels would “simplify and standardize our local rules” while trying to suppress the spread of Covid-19.

The government will post the details online where people can enter their zip code to find out what level their area is in.

The level restrictions described are listed below:


The “rule of six,” which prevents most indoor or outdoor gatherings of more than six people, the 10pm curfew in pubs and restaurants, and other existing national measures continue to apply.

The Prime Minister said this would cover most of the nation for now.


Any mixing between households and support bladders is prohibited indoors.

However, meetings of up to six people are permitted outdoors in public spaces and private gardens.

The Prime Minister said “most of the areas” already subject to local restrictions will be at this level, but so will Nottinghamshire, east and west Cheshire and a “small area” of High Peak due to rising infection rates.

Very high

Pubs and bars must close unless they can function as restaurants serving “large” meals. Alcohol could be served as part of these meals.

People are advised not to travel in and out of the areas and social mixing indoors and in private gardens is at least prohibited.

Groups of up to six people can still meet outside in public spaces.

However, based on discussions with local executives, additional restrictions are imposed, including those that could cover the hospitality, leisure, entertainment and personal care sectors.

Schools, shops and universities will remain open.

The Liverpool City Region will move into this level and close its gyms, leisure centers, betting shops and casinos by agreement with Mayor Steve Rotheram.

Mr Johnson said he was continuing to seek settlement with other leaders in the Northwest, Northeast, and Yorkshire and Humber.


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