Mulvaney: ‘You can absolutely guarantee a peaceful transition of power’ if Trump loses

But “at the end of this process, [if] Joe Biden’s President, you can absolutely guarantee a peaceful transfer of power, ”said Mulvaney. “I just hope the same is true on the other side.”

Despite these remarks from Mulvaney, who served as senior adviser to the president from January 2019 to March 2020, Trump previously refused to commit to a peaceful transition and raised his complaints about the expansion of the mail-in voting amid the coronavirus Pandemic cited.

Concern over a possible handover of power by the president has increased since Wednesday morning when Trump prematurely announced he won the election, called for the vote to be stopped and called the early results “a fraud against the American public”.

Trump is currently following Biden by a margin of 264-214 in the race for 270 votes, and the remaining competitions on the major battlefields of Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania are too close to name.

Trump’s campaign has filed lawsuits to stop ballot counting in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, and it denies ballot papers in Nevada. The campaign could also appeal a decision to allow late-arriving postal ballot papers in North Carolina that were sent before the voting deadline.

In addition, the campaign has announced that it will request a recount in Wisconsin, and it may request one in Michigan soon too.

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