Mum must now raise kids alone after husband, 34, dies amid Covid delays

Mum must now raise kids alone after husband, 34, dies amid Covid delays

One mother was left alone to raise her children after her husband, who was only 34 years old, died.

The Manchester United employee died amid coronavirus causing delays in treatment across the country.

As Covid-19 spread across the UK, the appointments for Rob Wood were canceled – or carried out over the phone.

Rob was born with glycogen storage disease, a rare genetic disorder that affects the way the body stores sugar, causing liver damage and physical disability.

Rob and his wife Jenny had three children – Caitlin, 6 and 19 month old twins Freddie and Archie.

Our sister title the Manchester Evening News reports Rob worked at the Executive Club at Old Trafford, but his health began to deteriorate in early 2020.

He has been cared for by several hospitals in Manchester, London and Birmingham.

He was put on the transplant list in January of this year, but his appointments have been canceled due to lockdowns and the pandemic.

He developed acute pain near his liver, and his family said the lack of face-to-face meetings with his specialists meant that healthcare professionals initially failed to realize that his symptoms were related to his illness, of which only a handful of people the United Kingdom is affected.

It was in September when his liver suddenly failed with so-called burst varices.

He was at work at the time taking care of the club’s VIPs and sponsors and was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery and taken to intensive care.

At that point he was unable to have a transplant and was placed in a medically induced coma from which he could never get out.

He died on September 28th at the age of 34.

Mum must now raise kids alone after husband, 34, dies amid Covid delays 1

Jenny, 34, said: “Our lives have been turned upside down in the most brutal way.

“I feel like I lost my identity overnight after building my adult life with Rob since we were 18.

“It breaks my heart to know that Rob is unable to see our children change, grow, and learn new things.

“Rob was an amazing dad, obsessed with our kids.

“I feel devastated for her and myself that he was torn from our lives.”

She added, “Caitlin had an incredibly strong bond with her father, she was the princess of a true father.

“She misses her father very much and says it every day.” Due to his long-term health, Rob couldn’t get health insurance, so Jenny’s sister Emily Peasgood started a fundraiser to help the family financially.

The crowdfunding hit £ 7,000 so that Emily “will give the family some stability in the coming months,” but since it “will only be helping the children for a very limited time,” she hopes people will dig deep for someone , who “spent his life looking after and helping others.

To make a donation, visit the website Here.



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