New picture of Prince William and Kate Middleton 'shows hidden signals'

A body language expert claims to have seen “hidden signals” in a recent picture of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The couple recently posted a picture on their social media channels wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

In it, the two lean against each other in the perfect picture of their wedding happiness – after they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary at the beginning of the year.

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It was recorded in September when the duo attended the James Bond premiere in central London, with both of them dressed to the last detail.

Body language Judi James said the couple presented themselves as “the future of the monarchy” and appeared “loving, strong and happy”.

Judi James said, “This is more than just a smiling pose by the royal couple wishing us all a Happy New Year, it is also a very significant and even unique decision in terms of what they tell us about themselves and their relationship tell.” with us and the future of the monarchy.

“With the death of Prince Philip and the Queen’s moments of frailty in 2021, we are likely to be deliberately shown a future king and queen who, against all odds, are as loving, strong, happy and even flirtatious couple in royal terms as back then.” They married.

“The energy in this pose echoes those slightly cheeky shots we used to see of them giggling and laughing together as they got into the back seats of limos after a party on their dating days.” It’s one Much more relaxed portrayal of their feelings for each other than usual, they both leaned against each other grinning and Kate not only held William’s hand in her own, but also put both of her hands around his as if she thought he was something very precious.

“This top hand is an affirmative gesture of affection and ownership that goes beyond any normal hand-holding.

“Your smile is mirrored, and it’s more than just the traditional royal smile. These are very personal looking grins aimed at us, the viewer, with a sense of shared excitement in their eyes and authentic fun and joy in their grins.

“William doesn’t have the usual puckering around his upper lip here that suggests he is trying to suppress his smile, his teeth are set in a way that shows good humor and joy.

“The couple threw the ball off the pitch with this very glamorous performance at the Bond premiere and shows that they had as much fun the event as the fans saw it.

There is also, subtly, one of the most unique non-verbal royal statements in this selection of photos. We’ve seen royals happy or glamorous or loved before, but this is primarily a “behind the scenes” photo. either before or after the couple completed their royal duties, and that makes it more telling.

“This glimpse of what happens when you are not in the spotlight is like an outtake and therefore seems to reveal your true feelings rather than the posed or professionally projected emotions.

“It may be easy to suspect relief when the smile fades and they either arrive or drive back to their palaces, but William and Kate not only seem to signal a sustained and authentic level of joy and shared affection and closeness.” Behind the scenes, the way they share those loving smiles straight into the camera means that they want us to know that they like us (their public) too.

“It implicitly puts us in the front seat of this car when we leave or get there with them, and that’s a unique point of view for a royal couple eager to prove what they’re seeing with them , that’s what you get. “

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