One million dogs could be homeless during festive season

One million dogs could be homeless during festive season

More than a million dogs could be homeless by Christmas, according to a shocking new study.

Almost a third of dog owners have admitted that they regret buying their pet. One in ten are even considering giving up their dog for adoption.

According to research on over 1,000 British dog owners commissioned by a pet food expert Nature menuAn incredible 32 percent of dog owners said they felt they didn’t have enough guidance to help them fight over pet ownership.

As a result, seven percent would even say they would not recommend bringing a puppy or dog to those who are considering welcoming a pet into their home.

Those most likely to consider giving up their dog for adoption because of a bad experience were in Birmingham (19 percent), followed by Londoners (16 percent), followed closely by those from Sheffield (15 percent).

The worrying revelations follow reports of a large increase in Britons choosing to buy or adopt a dog since Britain was banned on March 23.

How is the ban going on for your family?

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From toddlers who are prone to tantrums to teenagers struggling to adjust to sudden school closings and breakup with their friends, we’ve got it all covered.

An alarming 16 percent of dog owners admitted their purchase was an impulse decision, and 11 percent said the lockdown was the only reason they added a dog to their family.

To combat the problem of the number of dogs expected to become homeless by Christmas, Natures Menu has launched a podcast to address the top concerns of new dog owners, from weaning puppies to connecting with other dogs and people as top training tips for bad dazed dogs.

Melanie Sainsbury, Veterinary Training Manager at Natures Menu, said, “Having a dog is a massive commitment and careful consideration is needed before deciding whether to buy or adopt a dog.

“It’s heartbreaking to hear that so many dogs are at risk of not having a loving home and that pet owners feel they don’t have enough advice on how to deal with bringing a dog into the home.

“That’s why we started The Pupcast to ease the pressure of being a new pet parent. ”

The Pupcast is available for listening and downloading Spotify, Acast, Google Podcasts and iTunes. New customers receive a 20 percent discount on orders over £ 30 when they quote PUPCAST20 at checkout.



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