Opinion | The Absorbing Hollywood Trick Trump Uses to Hook America

Trump, who rules the nation as President Mind-Bender, has struck virtually any blow that meets genre requirements, threatening war North Koreaand help the Saudis cover up the murder of Jamal Khashoggithreatens to wage war against demonstrators and claims the right to do so forgive yourself and more. Not even The matrix possessed such insane plot changes. On election night, he flexed his jaw-dropping muscles by declaring victory when he was clearly behind on the electoral college. “If you count the legal votes, I win easily,” Trump said on November 5th. Since then he has been confused The audience demands both recounts where he is behind and that the voices be frozen where he is ahead. Usually a publicity pig, he’s shrouded himself in a secret by retreating into his spider hole in the White House. He is staged almost no public appearances since election night, aside from attending a memorial service on Veteran’s Day at Arlington National Cemetery – where he was giving No Comments. On Twitter, Trump, his family and his coworkers have continued to throw the nation off balance promote absurd conspiracy theories about voting, votes from the dead, Election observer Abuse and widespread voters Scam. The Washington Post Reports Trump’s idea of ​​electoral fraud in Michigan boils down to loud noises, mean looks from union officials, and a tall man following an election observer too close to comfort them. Trump is now proclaiming against any evidence he has Arizona in the pocket, and he continues to push for the ludicrous conspiracy of the Democrats trying to steal the presidency without explaining how the Dems might have bothered to break into the electoral infrastructure but then left the Senate races undisturbed to have.

The The paranoid mess of the Trump presidency captivates both Trump’s fans and enemies. He took up the idea that no one in power can be trusted – at the core of such stunning classics as X-Files, Conspiracy theory, JFK and Invasion of the Body Snatcher– and falsified it in his governance template with one exception: only he can be trusted. His fans enjoy the way he bends reality to mock the elites and torture the press, and they not only forgive him for the confusion his policies create Inconsistencies and missed in reason, they embrace madness. Trump’s enemies and critics who underestimated him from day one – remember 2015 when that was Washington PostDan Balz asked if Trump’s rude treatment of John McCain might not be his “Waterloo”? – were as completely drawn into Trumpworld as its admirers. What attracts you Many have no desire to watch – they pay attention to Trump because they can’t afford not to know what he’s doing. And because he uncorks a new story almost every day, Trump puts the electorate in a position A clockwork orange placed the droogie, Alex, who couldn’t look away.

Last Saturday morning, when the networks predicted Joe Biden as the likely winner, my acquaintance’s anti-Trumpies expressed relief at his apparent defeat. “Oh god, this is the end of him at last,” one told me. But then Trump threw in his fictions to extend his performance to at least December 15, when the electoral college votes. But who should say Trump will uphold this convention? Anyone who has closely watched their career should expect another conspiracy to be exposed. Will he mobilize that? QAnon Cult and conspiracy that just broadcast at least one trailer to the House of Representatives? Even if Biden manages to oust Trump from the White House, which is likely, be prepared for these two altered states of political consciousness to blur and slip into several new seasons of chaos and even some spin-offs. Like a ride on a Möbius strip, the streaming series Trump, launched in 2015, may never end.


The tip of a hat to Tom Shone, whose new book The Nolan Variationsmade me aware of the concept of mind-blowing films. My favorite movie is amazing 2001: A Space Odyssey. Which one is yours? Send nominations to [email protected]. My Email notifications Trust everyone. My Twitter Feeding favors The parallax view. My rss feed says detour is the only movie you will ever have to see.

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