Riot declared in Portland as rioters smash windows

Riot declared in Portland as rioters smash windows

The Oregon National Guard was on standby. Brown’s order places law enforcement agencies under the joint command of the Oregon State Police and the Multnomah County’s Sheriff’s Department, which enables those agencies to use tear gas to quell rioting if necessary. Mayor Ted Wheeler, who is also the police commissioner, banned the use of tear gas by Portland police in early fall after worries about an overly aggressive response to the riots.

Portland has been ravaged by five months of nightly protests against racial injustice since the police murder of George Floyd, and several hundred people marched into town on Tuesday. Law enforcement officers made no arrests and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office thanked the protesters for their peaceful demeanor.

Protesters in Portland on Wednesday held signs reading “Count Every Vote” and “Keeping Hope Alive”. 79-year-old Suzanne Thornton said she was motivated to take part in a protest for the first time because Trump appealed in court.

“Our president seems to be doing such a big deal and we need to clarify what the vote count is for. He doesn’t seem to understand, “said Thornton.” I don’t have much patience with him because he’s such a baby and I don’t see how many people in this country see him as a leader. “

Gerry Foote, a 69-year-old former high school teacher, protested with a sign that read, “Teachers Against Tyranny. No hate. “Foote, who protested the Vietnam War as a student, said it was important to prevent Trump from stopping the vote.

Protesters in Seattle said they were also trying to ensure that the Black Lives Matter movement and other social justice continued to be in the spotlight. Some carried signs saying “Stop Trump’s Suppression of Racist Voters”, “Black Lives Matter” and “Don’t Steal the Election”.

The presidential race between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump is still too close as votes are still being counted.

“It is important to trust the process and system that have ensured free and fair elections in this country for decades, even in times of great crisis,” Brown said in a statement. “We’re all in it together – so let’s work.” together to protect our fellow citizens in Oregon. “


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