Ryanair flight diverted from Bristol to Stanstead airport after sick bags handed out in bumpy flight

A Ryanair flight from Budapest to Bristol had to be diverted to London Stanstead Airport this lunchtime as strong winds continued to batter Britain.

The plane was due to land at 12.35pm but instead landed at Stanstead airport, where passengers have been waiting to find out if they will be flown or bussed to Bristol.

Passengers on the plane reported that the plane was affected by winds, with the airplane shaking and sick bags being handed out.

Stanstead Airport is about 167 miles away from Bristol Airport. A yellow severe weather warning is in place for parts of England, including Bristol, until 6pm today.

More than 430 flights due to take off or land at UK airports were canceled on Friday.

Travelers are continuing to face disruption across the UK in the aftermath of Storm Eunice.

Many train services remain suspended on Saturday and “do not travel” notices are in place for some routes.

South Western Railway expects “significant disruption” across its network throughout the day, and said work was ongoing to clear the lines after more than 40 trees were felled on its routes.

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