Ukraine-Russia crisis: Military officials forced to flee during tour amid shelling attack

a Russian Iskander-K missile launching during a training launch

The retreat comes after days of shelling between the Ukrainian government and Russian-backed rebel factions in the eastern parts of the country against the backdrop of the threat of invasion

A Russian Iskander-K missile launching during a training launch (

Image: Russian Defense Ministry/AFP via)

Ukrainian military officials have been forced to retreat during a tour after they got caught by Russian shelling.

This worrying incident comes amidst a recent rise in shellings of Eastern Ukraine by Russian-backed separatists.

Over the last few days, they launched an intense attack across the line of control, and hit a nursery school in the region, injuring three people.

According to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Thursday morning saw “multiple shelling incidents” across the Donbas region.

The city of Stanytsia Luhanska saw a nursery hit when the school day had just begun.

A shell landed on the building and debris was blown over the play area.

In total, 32 shells landed on the city, injuring servicemen and disrupting electricity supplies.

Service members of the Ukrainian armed forces are seen at combat positions near the line of separation from Russian-backed rebels



Back and forth shelling between the Russian-backed rebels and the Ukrainian government have been the backdrop to a growing number of western warnings that an invasion is imminent.

Both Kiev and the rebels blamed the other for the escalation which is not a new development in the crisis.

Back and forth shelling between the two sides has been a near constant for eight years and any ceasefires between the two are often violated.

Civilians of all ages receive military training at an old industrial plant to defend their country as the Ukraine-Russia crisis continue


Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

However, observers have noted that the intensity of the fighting, and the context in which it has happened is deeply worrying.

The Kremlin, with over 100,000 soldiers stationed at the border, said it was “deeply concerned” with the shellings.

Russia’s Interfax news agency reported that the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, one of the rebel areas, said the shelling targeted the Petrivske village in the breakaway region at 5:30 am local time.

Russian President Vladimir Putin



Another self-proclaimed rebel republic, Luhansk, reported several incidents of mortar fire on Friday morning.

Yesterday, American president Joe Biden said he was “convinced” that Putin had decided to invade Ukraine, an invasion that might come in the next few days.

He said: “Russia can still choose diplomacy. It is not too late to de-escalate and return the negotiation table.

“There are many issues that divide our nation and our world, but standing up to Russian aggression is not one of them. Americans are united…the entire free world is united.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrives on a flight in Munich, Germany, to attend the Munich Security Conference and meet with world leaders to discuss tensions in eastern Europe



“Make no mistake, if Russia pursues these plans, it will be responsible for a catastrophic and needless war of choice.”

This was the latest in a number of warnings of a potential Russian invasion.

Over the last few weeks, the West has warned of false flag operations from Russia, and cyber-attacks as well as all out invasion.

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