Teacher sentenced to death for poisoning 25 kids with porridge leaving one dead

A kindergarten teacher was sentenced to death after poisoning 25 children and killing one of them.

“Despicable and Malicious” Wang Yung put sodium nitrate in the pulp of a colleague’s class after an argument, according to a court.

A young boy died after an excruciating 10-month hospital rehearsal, while 23 were reported to have suffered minor injuries in China.

It happened in the eastern city of Jiaozuo where the police were alerted when children started throwing up.

The court heard that she knew her actions could be fatal, but said that she acted “without regard to the consequences.”

Local authorities said Wang poisoned the young students in order to take revenge on their co-worker.

It happened on March 27th last year when Wang had an argument with a colleague who was identified only as Sun over “student management issues.”

The dead child, who was not identified, died in January after being hospitalized for 10 months.

It wasn’t the first time Wang had been guilty of the poison. Global Times reports.

Teacher sentenced to death for poisoning 25 kids with porridge leaving one dead 1

In 2017, she poured sodium nitrate into a cup that her husband used after the couple quarreled, causing him minor injuries.

In a statement, the court said that her “criminal methods and circumstances were extraordinarily bad, with particularly grave circumstances, and that in accordance with the law she should be severely punished”.

“When I got to school, my daughter had passed out,” said one father Daily mail.

“Besides my child, there are three or four other children who all look sick and very pale.

“My child said the porridge tastes bitter and salty when it should taste sweet.”


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