Tesla Cybertruck: Final Version Of The Car Appears In Images

Tesla Cybertruck: The launch of the Tesla Cybertruck has already been delayed several times, frustrating those interested in buying the electric pickup from Elon Musk’s automaker. However, images leaked this Monday (24) may be an indication that the vehicle is finally close to hitting the streets.

In the images posted on the Cybertruck Owner’s Club forum, the futuristic truck is shown in its possible production version, without any disguise and some changes from the prototype revealed in 2019. One of them is the presence of the windshield wiper, in a single piece and positioned vertically.

The massive piece, which had only appeared in the manufacturer’s patents, sits on the driver’s side and appears to be able to extend across the entire windshield, now slightly curved rather than completely flat, as in the concept. The use of an electromagnetic cleaner system is not ruled out.

Another piece of equipment caught in the video and photos taken during an event with workers at the Tesla factory is the Cybertruck’s exterior mirror. Musk and his team of engineers wanted a vehicle without side mirrors, something not allowed by safety regulators, but they designed parts that would be easy to remove in case they can be replaced by cameras in the future.

no handles

Tesla’s pickup truck door handles do not appear in the images, reinforcing an old idea by the manufacturer. The company said some time ago that the final version of the vehicle would recognize the approaching owner and open the door automatically, without the need to move the handle.

It is also worth mentioning the wheels with a design similar to the one used in the Model 3 and without the aerodynamic covers shown in the prototype and some small changes in the front. Among them, there is a shorter hood and apparently larger plastic bumper, protecting the truck from small impacts.

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