Wordle: Google Has An Easter Egg For The Social Media Phenomenon Game

wordle: The online game wordle, which has been one of the great phenomena of social networks since the end of 2021, won a tribute in the Google search engine.

This is a small easter egg that is activated when you search for “word” using the company’s search engine. In place of the traditional company logo, a quick animation shows the attempt to guess a word in wordle — and in the third round, it reveals itself as “Google”.

Check out a screenshot below or do the test yourself by clicking here.

The game uses the same rules as the original game, which resembles the traditional hangman game: when the player kicks a word (which in the original game can only have five letters, not six), the system marks in green the letters that are in the correct position and in yellow those that exist in the term, but elsewhere.

In this case, after testing the words “column” and “goalie”, the animation hits “Google” on the third try.

wordle was created by Josh Wardle, a developer who created the puzzle as a simple gift for his girlfriend who became a phenomenon around the world. He already said he was scared by the repercussion, although happy with the result.

Wordle’s success spawned parallel games in other languages ​​made as a tribute, as well as fake paid versions in digital stores. This animation is not officially listed as a Doodle and apparently should continue for quite some time in the code page.

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