Tesla’s Autopilot Completes A Year Without Accidents, Says Musk

TeslaIts self-driving system, known as Full Self-Driving, has been in beta for about a year now and more and more people are testing the service. And according to the automaker’s CEO Elon Musk, no accidents have been recorded in all that time where the platform is to blame.

According to the company itself, autonomous driving at its current level is being tested by “conscientious drivers”, meaning only the most responsible and careful drivers have received the update. In March 2021, a new wave of drivers received the news and other groups were considered in the months that followed.

However, the system continues to be heavily criticized – studies indicate that it “distracts drivers” who pay less attention to traffic because of the platform.

In addition, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened an investigation in the country to determine whether a series of collisions with parked emergency vehicles was machine malfunction. Other accident processes allegedly caused by the platform are still in the final phase.

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