The 'soulmate' Prince Charles nearly married instead of Princess Diana

Before Camilla and Diana, there was another woman who caught the attention of Prince Charles.

Well connected and extremely glamorous, she seemed the perfect complement for the future heir to the throne.

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But their relationship would eventually break down, which allegedly left Charles heartbroken.

After his five-year affair with Camilla ended in 1976, Charles was determined to meet his self-imposed deadline and get married at 30.

He met a 24-year-old who a royal commentator described as “the soulmate he was looking for”.

Her name was the blond and blue-eyed Davina Sheffield.

A stubborn prince

Davina is the granddaughter of celebrated industrialist Lord McGown and a cousin of Samantha Sheffield, wife of former Prime Minister David Cameron.

Royal expert Penny Junor wrote a book called The Firm in 2005, detailing the couple’s romance.

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Davina initially declined an invitation from the prince to an event because she was dating motorboat racer James Beard.

But Charles persevered and eventually persuaded Davina by pushing the friend out of the picture.

Unfortunately for the new couple, whom Junor described as “very much in love”, the ex did not completely disappear.

One suggestion was on the cards

The extremely glamorous Davina Sheffield took some convincing to go on a date with Charles

Rumors spread that Charles Sheffield was going to propose marriage.

Boatman Beard immediately became a media target and was asked by a reporter to share intimate details of his relationship with Davina.

He shared that the couple “lived in sin” together before dating Charles.

The Shovel brought Charles and Davina’s romance to an abrupt end; The royal tradition followed at the time required that every bride of a future king must be “intact”.

Junor wrote in her book that it “killed the relationship like dead” and that Charles was devastated.

It was the second bad hit for him. Courtiers rejected Camilla as a suitable bride for the same reason.

Bad luck in love

The irony that at this time women must be “intact” before marriage was exactly the opposite of what Charles did.

Between 1971 and 1981, when he married Diana, Princess of Wales, he is said to have dated 20 women.

Diana’s own sister Lady Sarah Spencer and actress Susan George are said to have belonged to these flames.

Prince Charles with Diana's sister Lady Sarah Spencer

After being forced to break up with Davina, Charles resumed his search for a suitable bride.

In 1980 he proposed marriage to Lady Amanda Ellingworth (nee Knatchbull), granddaughter of Earl Mountbatten; Second cousin and long-time confidante of the prince.

But Charles was hit by another romantic loss. She refused, citing the glare of the royal spotlight.

Undeterred, Charles later that year proposed marriage to Anna Oates, the daughter of a Scottish landowner.

Known as “Whiplash Wallace” for her fiery temper, she is said to have broken off their relationship during the Queen Mother’s 80th birthday party because Charles had ignored her all evening.

Much was later reported about her telling him, “I’ve never been treated so badly in my life. You left me alone all evening and now you have to go on without me.”

Princess Diana and Camilla era

It later emerged that Camilla, who was still friends with Charles despite their breakup, wasn’t interested in him marrying Anna and was happy when the relationship ended.

Anna wasn’t someone who would have taken it kindly if Charles and Camilla had resumed their affair, which apparently was always at stake.

Davina Sheffield is now 70 years old.  In 1981 she married Jonathan Derek Morley, in the same year Charles married Diana

She would rather that her true love be in a relationship with his future wife, 19-year-old Diana.

Charles proposed marriage to Diana in February 1981 and married her in July of that year.

He resumed his affair with Camilla in 1986 after the birth of William and Harry.

Davina Sheffield is now 70 years old. In 1981 she married Jonathan Derek Morley, in the same year Charles married Diana.

They have three sons together and will stay married.

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