These end-of-life planning forms will save your family a lot of heartache, the trouble with Alaska’s oil fund and more retirement news

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Opinion: Big money trouble with Alaska’s $80 billion oil fund: A major political row has broken out at Alaska’s Permanent Fund, the state’s giant $82 billion oil fundwhere the firing of the CEO has led to senate hearings, threats of lawsuits, and now an official inquiry.

Help Me Retire: I’ll be 65 soon, have $320,000 in retirement savings and a paid-off home but I’m $46,000 in debt – should I take more money out of my investments?

Depression, isolation, loss of purpose: Could retirement be bad for your mental health? When people retire, they suddenly have time to ask ‘why am I here?’ Learn how to make the transition and find a new meaning for yourself.

Do this for your family: Prepare a healthcare proxy and a living will. As a hospital CEO, I spoke with clinicians who had to help families navigate such situations every day.

More in retirement news:

Shifting your investments toward bonds as retirement nears? Avoid these 3 mistakes (The Motley Fool)

Tom Brady announces his retirement from the NFL. His decision brings an end to a 22-year career for the quarterback widely celebrated as the “GOAT” — the greatest of all time. (NPR)

How much stock is too much in retirement? Stocks and bonds are core investments. Now, Vanguard is suggesting that retirees willing and able to bear the risk may want a stock target of 50%. (New York Times)

Extreme weather and rising insurance rates squeeze retirees. Homeowners’ insurance in high-risk states is becoming prohibitively expensive for older Americans who want to keep their homes. (New York Times)

Regretting that early retirement? I’ve got bad news. Anyone considering unretiring needs to adjust their expectations. They probably won’t be able to return to the same level job as they left — if they can get hired at all — and will get paid less.(Washington Post/Bloomberg)

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