This Is Us Season 7: Why There Won’t Be Another Season After Season 6 to This Beautiful Family Drama?

This is us fans, it’s that time of year again. Season 6 is finally coming to a close, bringing the Pearson family’s story to a climax, and we’re all curious about it. This is us season 7

After six critically acclaimed seasons, the NBC drama has come to an end in its own field with a dramatic conclusion set in multiple realities.

The Pearsons’ story is finally over, but if This Is Us Season 7 takes place, there’s a chance they’ll return. The romantic NBC drama’s six-year run comes to a close with an emotionally satisfying finale that concludes Jack and Rebecca’s love story. However, given the show’s continued popularity, there has been talk of a possible sequel.

While the beloved This Is Us show has come to an end, a This is Us season 7 comeback seems out of the question. This is why.


It was scheduled for only 6 seasons!

This Is Us season 7 is not being renewed because the show’s creators wanted it to be a six-season series from the start.

“I believe we’re basically in the middle of the TV show,” says showrunner Dan Fogelman told The Hollywood Reporter after This Is Us was renewed for seasons 4, 5 and 6 in 2019.

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While fans of This Is Us will no doubt be saddened to see the series’ ending, viewers can take comfort in the fact that the series may indeed have a suitable finale rather than being terminated or faded after it’s one season. extended way too much.

A completed storyline!

This is Us season 7

This Is Us has been a master of blending past and present since the start of the series. It gave us memorable family experiences that made us think, furious and, most importantly, cry. So while the big three had learned life lessons along the way, we were around to learn along too.

The Season 6 finale is a fitting conclusion, but it focuses more on the teachable moments than the tears. So it works brilliantly and gives a beautiful, but emotional ending to the series. When it premiered in 2016, the family drama was an instant hit for NBC. This Is Us was a show in which the lives of Jack and Rebeccaas well as their three children Kevin, Kate and Randall.

The Pearsons‘ personal and collective journeys took place over the course of six years, describing their lives from different points of view and moments in history. Seasons 1-3 of This Is Us mainly focused on Jack’s past as life and sad death affected his wife and children. Even during the second part of the show, attention turned to Rebecca, who was coping with Alzheimer’s disease in her later years.

During the finale of This Is Us, both Jack and Rebecca are gone, but their three children continue to live next door to their respective families. There is already speculation about what the Big Three, often known as the Pearson siblings, might do in the future.

Given the beautiful style of storytelling in which much of the conclusion is set in a period of time, it focuses on a gaze trying to reminisce as well as a look ahead to see what life has in store.

It’s hard to get the cast back together!

This is Us season 7

It’s not out of the question for NBC, as it would explore a This Is Us season 7 sequel if there’s enough desire among viewers. The main issue here would be re-tuning the series’ great cast as most of the members are already committed to other projects. Then a This Is Us movie, rather than a new season, might be more feasible, although producing a feature film has its own hurdles.

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However, Fogelman has previously stated that he suggested the idea to NBC officials, who were all enthusiastic. It’s important to note, though, that the initiative isn’t in the works yet, but it’s also a promising indication for those hoping the Pearsons’ story continues. Yes, it’s a cliffhanger from our reality.

A glimmer of hope!

This is Us season 7

According to Variety, Dan has previously confirmed that he has presented the concept of a This Is Us movie to NBC officials. “What would have happened if Jack had survived the fire,” the film would question. “The president of NBC is really texting me right now, ‘Yes to the movie,'” he said during the show’s final discussion, first on Association of Television Critics in February.

It is indeed worth noting that the project is not yet formally in the cards, but we will count our blessings. Dan explained, “I don’t say no to anything.” “If we could work out a movie, I’d like to get back together in a few years.” Since our story ends in the Season 6 finale, I’m not sure what it would be.”

Furthermore, the cast appears to be on board with a This Is Us revival, with Mandy Moore, Sterling and Justin all showing an interest. “I’m ready for a This Is Us movie because I love these kitties,” Justin told Access Hollywood about his cast members. “I would definitely make a trilogy film. I would make a movie with these guys every year.”

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