Trump and GOP to Nation: Go Bankrupt, Drop Dead

Donald Trump sits at a desk with Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy standing behind him

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and President Donald Trump during the signing ceremony for the CARES Act. (Erin Schaff-Pool / Getty Images)

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Trump and GOP to Nation: Go Bankrupt, Drop Dead 1

In normal times a United Nations International Labor Organization report The prediction that 1.6 billion people, whose income supports half the world’s population, is on the verge of losing their livelihood would be the only thing anyone on earth would pay attention to. But at the Covid 19 moment, such extraordinary predictions become mere footnotes.
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However, take a deep breath and think about what is being said here, because it is without a doubt the signal today. Half of the world’s population is at immediate risk of economic destruction: hunger, endless debts, closed schools, the collapse of entire social systems.

In normal times, the U.S. President would coordinate a global response to mitigate this disaster – coordinate the distribution of medical care, strengthen global food distribution systems, and work with the IMF and other agencies to provide much-needed credit and aid to countries, whose economies pose the risk of complete system failure. The alternative is a cascading economic crisis that could put much of the world back in the dark age.

However, these are not normal times. Instead as The New York Times documented in a remarkably detailed analysisDonald Trump, who was absent as a world leader, holds propaganda press conferences – even less credible than the U.S. generals’ daily briefings during the Vietnam War – in which he either congratulates himself, mocks his political opponents, spreads conspiracy theories, or promotes quackery for Covid -19 like injecting bleach.

The Irish Daily Mirror, recently overwhelmed by America’s downward spiral averaged that it was up to Congress to “bleach” this obviously incapable, unstable president.

And those of the parochial MAGA crowd who tend to reject the ILO report as abstract and far from American concerns should think again. Here in America, states and cities forecast a shortfall of $ 500 billionand there is a serious risk that public security agencies, schools and other important services will soon be cut to the bone.

Mitch McConnell’s insensitive answer: Let the states – especially the blue states with more generous pension systems for public sector employees – go bankrupt. Instead of working around the clock to develop aid packages to prevent states from cratering, McConnell, who is aware that Trump’s re-election opportunities are waning day by day, is drawing the Senate’s attention rush through even more extremist judicial candidates as long as he still has a chance.

Trump in turn wants to blackmail liberal states withheld financial aid from them unless they remove protective measures that offer minimum protection to immigrants hunted by ICE agents. This, coupled with the scandalous decision Hold stimulus checks from all mixed-status familiesmeans that millions of Americans – including hundreds of thousands of US citizens who are disproportionately located in the country’s largest and most dynamic cities – are being deliberately pushed into poverty by the government because one family member lacks legal status.

This goes far beyond the usual rough and tumble of partisan politics. Letting America’s largest states and cities go bankrupt and deliberately bringing immigrant communities into distress would be like national suicide. It would beg large parts of the country, as would the collapse of the Soviet Union, followed by the plundering of the country’s wealth during the subsequent privatization phase of “shock therapy,” begging tens of millions of citizens. Decades later, many parts of the former USSR have still not recovered from the economic devastation of the implosion, and many residents lack even the most basic income security.

Trump’s lackluster response to the Covid 19 pandemic was bad enough. Now the GOP is promoting policies in response to the economic consequences, many of which are fueled by harsh prejudices against immigrants who could drive not only the economy but also the U.S. government system, with its carefully coordinated balance of power between states and the United States, Washington , until the break.

In cities like Las Vegas, where the economy is dependent on tourism, the closure has led to mass starvation. Strong television pictures this week showed miles of rows of cars driven by unemployed casino, hotel and restaurant workers who lined up for groceries dispensed by grocery banks in now closed casinos.

And the noise? The thoughtless, maskless MAGA machismo by Vice President Mike Pence, the refused to follow Mayo Clinic guidelines wear a mask when visiting patients.

Stay strong, stay healthy, and fight like hell for a better, healthier, and friendlier morning.



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