Trump Is Urging Republicans to Break the Law

Donald Trump has long had a “say, “A behavioral tic that betrays his game: He has in the past accused his opponents of doing or planning what he and his supporters actually do or plan.

To take a few obvious examples, he accused Hillary Clinton’s campaign of working with the Russians to undermine the elections when abundance of evidence suggested that it was the Trump campaign that benefited from Putin’s efforts to put mud in America Throwing voting works (even if the Müller investigation came to the conclusion that this had not been done through targeted coordination). And throughout his presidency, Trump has accused the media of distributing “false news” for free, even though Trump himself practiced the dark arts of propaganda and misinformation in ways no other president has come close.

The longer and louder Trump speaks about his opponents’ electoral fraud, the more certain it is that while Trump’s people are lagging behind in the polls, they are playing out how they themselves can undermine the integrity of the voting process.

If you’re looking for a signal 18 days before the election, you could do far worse than listening to a shocking story from California. Apparently, the state’s GOP has deliberately broken the law in several communities in Southern California and the Central Valley by setting up more than four dozen of their own unsecured voter dropboxesin areas likely to attract conservative voters – including in several gun shops in and around Fresno.

This comes after months of Trump denouncing loud mail-in polls and voter dropboxes. As I reported in Tuesday’s column, conservative politicians like Texas Governor Greg Abbott have been looking for ways to close drop box locations.

Earlier this week, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Secretary of State Alex Padilla sent cease and desist letters to the State RepublicansLetting them know that their Dropboxes are in violation of the state law that gives election officials – and only election officials – the authority to set up such facilities.

Meanwhile, Trump appears to be enjoying the prospect of more electoral chaos deliberately sown and promoted by state Republicans. On Tuesday and Wednesday He sent out a number of tweets Urging Republicans in California to stand firm in their illegal activities – whereupon the party suggested ignoring California’s cease and desist letters and keeping the boxes functional – and making proposals to Party officials in New York, Illinois and elsewhere should pull the same stunt.


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