Twitter launches disappearing tweets that vanish in 24 hours

Twitter launches disappearing tweets that vanish in 24 hours

Twitter starts tweets that disappear within 24 hours, much like social media sites like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram that have already posted posts on them.

The tweets, which are referred to as “fleets” due to their volatility, cannot be retweeted and have no “likes”.

People can reply to them, but the replies appear as direct messages to the original tweeter, not a public reply, which turns any back and forth into a private conversation rather than a public discussion.

They are designed to address new user concerns that the public and persistent nature of normal tweets may negate.

Twitter tested the feature in Brazil, Italy, India, and South Korea before rolling it out globally.

Fleets are “less pressure” to communicate “fleeting thoughts” as opposed to constant tweets, Twitter design director Joshua Harris and product manager Sam Haveson said in a blog post.

The news came when Twitter boss Jack Dorsey and Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg raised questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee on how they were handling disinformation related to the presidential election.

Both locations have taken more measures against disinformation. The two tech leaders promised lawmakers last month that they would aggressively protect their platforms from manipulation by foreign governments or incite violence against election results – and they followed up with high-profile moves that angered Donald Trump and his supporters.

The new fleet feature is reminiscent of Instagram and Facebook stories, as well as Snapchat snapshots that users can use to post short-lived photos and messages.

Such features are becoming increasingly popular with social media users looking for smaller groups and more private chats.



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