Valve begins sharing first Windows drivers for Steam Deck

Valve begins sharing first Windows drivers for Steam Deck

With the development of portable chipsets, we started to see new handheld consoles from big technology companies. valve, which created an argumentative entry to the section with the Steam Deck console in the middle of these names, started to share the first Windows drivers for the new device offered to users with the Linux-based SteamOS operating system.

It will also support Windows 11 soon

Although the new handheld console does not have dual boot support, Valve, which leaves an open door for users, allows Windows to be installed on the console as it is known. Thus, users who wish can leave behind the limited game library of the device and access many games of Steam with Windows support and Microsoft’s Game Pass system.

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It is reported that Valve, which says that the shared drivers for the device are compatible with Windows 10 and include GPU, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth hardware, continues to work with AMD on audio drivers. However, the company, which plans to share a BIOS update that will activate the fTPM support, which is mandatory for Windows 11 soon, will also offer reinforcements to the new operating system.

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Valve shared Steam Deck’s Windows drivers


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