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Venom 2: Release Date Delayed & What We Know So Far

Venom 2: Release Date Delayed & What We Know So Far

The wait for the adventurous anti-hero movie “Venom 2” seems never to end. The sequel to “Venom” was set to hit the screen on October 2, 2020, but the inevitable virus has delayed its release until June 25, 2021 in the United States.

The first part of this horror was released on October 5, 2018. Although the film was initially not well received by the public, it earned seventh place in the top-grossing movie of 2018, with a massive $ 856 million at the box office. worldwide.

“Venom 2” is directed by Andy Serkis and will be distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. The language of the sequel is English.

Plot Of Venom 2

Venom revolves around the life of a famous journalist Eddie Brock. He runs a show “The Eddie Brock Report” and reveals the secrets of people and various associations, but things take an unexpected turn when he investigates “The Life Foundation” that appears to be involved in space applications.

A space shuttle crash and the death of the astronauts from something spilled on them leads to an investigation that leads Eddie to discover the involvement of the Life Foundation leader Carlton Drake and the hidden truths behind the dead. and this costs him his job.

The film then moves on to six months after this incident, where Eddie lost everything in life from his job to the people he loved and Drake is still experimenting with the symbiote that wreaked havoc and killed the astronauts.

The movie takes a huge turn when the symbiote invades Eddie’s body and so begins the never-ending hunger, eating everything, including people on the move.

It becomes his alter ego “VENOM” and the movie ends with Eddie coming over Venom and taking his long-awaited revenge on Drake.

Venom 2 is expected to revolve around the rivalry between the two and its new antagonistic carnage.

Protagonists and character

The list of the cast and the characters to be played by them looks like this:
Tom Hardy as Venom / Eddie
Woody Harrelson as Carnage
Michele Williams as Anne
Reid Scott as Dan
Naomie Harris as Shriek

We can expect some new faces in the sequel “Venom 2”. While the wait is very long, we can be sure it will be worth the wait.



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