WhatsApp News: How To Listen To An Audio Before Sending It And Re-Record It If Necessary

whatsapp: Initially a kind of ‘fashion’ thought to be fleeting, ever since whatsapp audio or voice notes came into the app in 2013, little by little they found their way and today, even if you don’t use them, it’s rare that you haven’t recorded and sent one – although that means we also have 8 years a accidentally pressed the button on the microphone and accidentally sent audio, since whatsapp continues without wanting to move the voice memo button.

And it’s that voice messages are as fast as they are easy to record and send, although their main problem is that we can’t view them before sending them, and listen to them in case we’ve said something wrong or they don’t turn out right. heard. We can’t, can we?

Listen to an audio from WhatsApp before sending

To record a voice message, touch and hold the microphone icon, speak and release to automatically send the note. But whatsapp just released a way to record voice memos that allows you to listen to them before sending, or toss them and re-record them if you want.

A feature that used to be needed to do with certain ‘tricks’, but now it’s gone as whatsapp allows you to do this:

Open an individual or group chat
Tap the microphone icon and slide it up to lock the recording and use it hands-free
start talking
When you are done, press the Stop button.
Tap the play button to listen to the recording. You can also touch any part of the recording to play it from then on
If you don’t like it and want to record it again, click the trash can icon to delete the voice message
If you like it, press the send button to send it

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