Second Global Internet Crash In Seven Days: PSN, Twitch, Amazon, LOL, Facebook Failures …

internet: On December 7, a week ago, the DownDetector website reported more than 30,000 incidents that started with a global decline in AWS servers, Amazon Web Services, which provide cloud services to hundreds of well-known platforms and networks.

Global decline in internet services

Therefore, if this platform that offers hosting services falls, those who hire its services fall by default, and that translates into trouble on Facebook, Tinder, League of Legends, Google, Disney+, etc. Guess what? AWS has re-registered a problem with its service…

For the second website in less than a week, Amazon Web Services has messed up again, dragging a large number of websites, platforms, services, etc., due to a server service failure, such as:

Amazon itself
Playstation Network
League of Legends
Clash Royale
Xbox Live
And so on…

Less than an hour down but what a trap

While last week’s outage occurred on the east coast of the US – it was barely noticed in Spain – reports around 4 p.m. today showed that connections to the company’s servers failed this time on the west coast – the left side of the North American Map .

Amazon’s network of server farms powers more services than you can imagine, but the most visible sign of trouble appeared when Amazon’s live streaming platform Twitch went down. A tweet from his support account read, “We are aware of several issues affecting Twitch services.”

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