When is the next General Election and will Boris Johnson fight it as Conservative Party leader?

Remember Brenda, from Bristol, who infamously told the BBC: “Not another one” after hearing that Theresa May was returning voters to the would send urns.

Well, if you are like her and have electoral fatigue, you may be unhappy with another UK election coming up within the next two and a half years.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson last sought a mandate for his government in December 2019, which he won by beating former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn by an overwhelming majority of 80 seats.

But he cannot remain in office until he wants to, as another general election must be called within five years, which could see him ousted from office.

So when is the next general election and will Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party stand against it? Here’s what we know.

When is the next federal election?

According to the Legislation on the Law on the Limitation of Parliament, the next general elections will take place on Thursday 24 May 2024.

However, with this legislation currently being repealed by the government, the next UK poll could take place much sooner.

Conservative Party leader Oliver Dowden urged officials and staff to prepare for snap general elections in mid-2023 the Daily Telegraph newspaper .

To some extent, this is dependent on Ministers being able to pass the Dissolving and Convening Act, which is currently in the committee stage of the House of Lords.

If they can, they will repeal the Temporary Parliaments Act introduced under the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition and be free to ask the public about their next government if ministers so desire.

If the Temporary Parliament Bills Act is still in force in the coming months and years, ministers may submit a bill to Parliament asking them to agree to an early vote, overriding the need for 434 MPs to support under the law is set .

They passed a simple bill for the 2019 general election, which the government only needed a majority of MPs to support to pass their bill for early general elections and therefore a nationwide vote.

Will Boris Johnson run as leader of the Conservative Party in the next general election?

It is not yet known if Boris Johnson will run as Conservative Party leader in the next general election, but there is a strong chance he will.

However, that hasn’t stopped players from betting on a potential successor.

According to BetVictor , Rishi Sunak is in pole position to take over on 2/1. Secretary of State Liz Truss is on March 1st. the next favourite, followed by Brexit activist Michael Gove on June 1st. Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt sits as the fourth favorite on 7/1.

Boris Johnson has been urged to step down as Prime Minister in recent days, including by several senior Conservative MPs including Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross.

It all came after the Prime Minister admitted to briefly attending a drinks party in Downing Street’s garden on May 20, 2020 amid coronavirus restrictions. He apologized.


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